Thursday, February 05, 2009

But Life Is Groovy!

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Wiggysan said...

Ahh yes, the " old Armley Boy's " !!!

I know them well.

Have you tried the Brew Dog IPA as featured on Oz and James ?

Well as look would have it, I fount it in ASDA. Once a Yorkshire owned company.

Well anyway, get this for fcuking SHlTE,

Brewdog have a massive exporter ( good for them , well done and so forth ) to Swittzzzee - lande.

OK, nothing wrong wit that.


Brew dog is based / brewed . sipped / swhcwilled and pissed up againest walls in Scoouutlland.

Asda DONT buy it from the Jocks, but from the cheese eaters !!!

WTF is that all about ?

Brew in Scotland - Sell to Swiss - fly out to Swiss - Asda, buy from swiss - fly back to Blightly - stick in some cold whorehouse ( warehouse ) and then send to stores.

I bought 4 x bottle of " PUNK IPA " , and very nice it was too, However at £1 per 275ml on there own webshite, I find it very sad that ASS
_DAAARR are selling me the liguid gold at £1.09 a bottle.

Anyway, I bought 4 bottle's ..... drank 4 bottles ..... and then drank some more " SCHWILL " ( drink ).

I guess all is fooking shite, but its not " ALL " that bad.