Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's Next Speech

My fellow Americans. I had an American Dream; this dream was one of hope, a hope that one day we can all pretend to buy our houses then complain to the government when we get found out.
I had a dream. An American Dream, a dream where there is an apple pie in every garage and we plug our cars into the street lighting in the morning.
We as a nation must dream the American Dream of putting a man on the Whitehouse by the end of this decade.
I see a dream in which all Americans can engage in rapid eye movement. I see a dream where we will all be Berliners in the Russia of tomorrow's Germany, a Germany which buys American. I see a dream in which the world no longer looks at America. A just America. A happy America. An America which sees the world as a sacred trust put there for its duty; a world of America which is no longer indifferent to the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners, but seeks to make them prosper, dreamily.
I see an America which owns all of its homes yet consumes only one fifth of the oceans by the end of the century.
I see an America which no longer sends troops to cover foreign wars, but instead obliges journalism and the internet to assume their proper responsibilities.
We must all dream the same dream.
It is an expensive dream.
A long and stable dream.
A dream of equal opportunities for both rich and poor.
The American Dream. The dream that we all want.
Thank you.

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