Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter Warmth

So, my mate and I go into the jewellers in Banbury Cross.
He's buying a pendant for his mum, her fiftieth wedding.
The assistant comes over; she's about five-two. She should be 'fat', trouble is all her shapes are round and sexy, lovely bust, and the skirt really shows off her butt. We point out a necklace in the case, so she comes round to look.
Her thighs stretch the skirt, they are shapely.
She has a beautiful smile and brown eyes with black hair.
She smiles often.
Back behind the counter, she lays out the necklace on black velvet.
Then she undose the top button of her blouse, says 'Let me show you', and holds the necklace up to her cleavage.
Needless to say, she makes two sales.

The necklace to my mate, and her to me.

What a fabulous woman.

And she actually thanked us.


Wiggysan said...

Next time get some photos !!

Mr.Furious said...

Yeah. Trouble is I have to sleep at night.