Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Swansong Of Prosperity.

I may be out of work next month.
Meantime, a little effort and elbow grease has secured me a loft that now contains my marvellous computer with 5.1 sound, all the privacy I could ask for at this stage and safety from annoying the neighbours with my hours upon hours of honeyed sound.

I'm ready for a seige.

And £15 secured me a cordless phone; I've already paid for it by going three days without beer. I moved all the furniture without breaking a sweat, my heartburn has disappeared and I feel more alert. I wake better too.

The phone allows me to move all over the house without worrying, so I can talk, make a cup of tea, go up to the music room and still talk.

It has a built-in answering machine too, so it will pay for itself over again once I cancel the answering service I've been using.

Small reasons for some satisfaction.

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