Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here's The Real Deal.

The headlines shout, "British Jobs For British Workers".
This morning in the pub I bumped into one of the men who built the Killingholme Oil Refinery back in '67.
He told me what has happened.
The American operating company wanted to extend the refinery.
They brought in 300 Italian workers to do it.
They are accommodated offshore in a prison ship.
Now I may be crazy, but what the fuck do Italians know about building oil refineries?
That we don't?
Shameful day. No wonder there's a strike.


Mr.Furious said...

An aside- reminds me of the days I spent working on the Von Flick residence in Chelsea; the brothers had sold their huge stake in Mercedes and had cash, so the one was building a fortress in London. The architect was so precious he brought in Italians to hang the Walnut doors inside.
They did their bit, flew home to Milan, then my guys took them down again and continued with the building work; re-hung them at the end, nobody the wiser. So much bullshit, and this was in the 80's when Ronnie and Maggie lived and breathed.

Wiggysan said...

its all fuking SHlTE man.blesstis