Wednesday, January 07, 2009

But They Said!

So, there's going to be a recession.

What makes this particular recession most sickening is the unedifying sight of all those fourth-and-a-half estaters going into a sweating terror-funk at the thought; the thought that the same people who sold them the dream of an end to boom and bust, might have been lying.

The unthinkable thought. The chancellor who engaged in capitalism that was unfetterred, simply because he didn't do any of his controlling in public, except when he administered mob-pleasing punishments.

They are terrified because they don't dare admit that they, too, have beeen lying to us dutifully for ten years, lying to preserve the illusion of erectness in the edifice of fake prosperity that has dulled our judgement for so long.
And is being blown away like Autumn leaves in a Winter wind.

And the facts are as cold as any Winter.

They are terrified, terrified because when all the bullshit economics has been flushed away, they will be left with the unavoidable truth.

This is the truth.

Not only is freedom the only thing which is right.

It is the only thing that works.

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