Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Can I Say?

No, really. There's a lot of them about. The mewling, obsessive, creeping transient 'population' of Britain.
Nowhere else in the world is the desire to own ones own house so widespread, or so necessary, due to the endemic inability of the British psyche to leave other people the hell alone!
Obvoiusly, through all the years and all the sieges, no bastard has previously arrogated to itself the right to violate my rights to access the world by shutting off my power.

It probably won't happen again.
The fact that is happened at 11pm( the legal 'no loud music' hour) indicates that the life-form exists in thrall to some ideal of 'rules'. Not that I was listening to music. Just laughing at 'Big Bang Theory', and as we all know, laughter and enjoyment are the great satan of the British oppressive classes.
God help him if he does it again.
In any case I've bought an Uninterruptable Power Supply so my physical rights are safeguarded.

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