Sunday, May 18, 2008

All A Lot Of Fuss Over Nothing.

So there's a knock on the door; it's my new neighbour, he's locked himself out and can he climb across the roof from my kitchen?
We introduce ourselves, shake hands and the guy is soon back in his flat.
Bollocks to the last two weeks.
Paranoia? Test of patience and character more like.
The guy really isn't much trouble.
But I might still move.
No neighbours is still better than good neighbours.
Guess I wouldn't fit in Australia. Then again, there was that guy from WA I worked with in the eighties; stock phrase?
"Yer nearest neighbour is fifty miles away - if you're unlucky!"
On hols from tomorrow. Pictures to follow in a couple of weeks.


Wiggysan said...

very sporting of you vivtor

pietr said...

Guess where I am? And guess who I met a couple of days back?