Thursday, May 08, 2008

They're Heeere!

So the new tenant makes no effort to introduce itself.
Curtains drawn in furtive rejection, the keys jingle every time he goes in and out of the door.
And that is often.
One of those.
Meanwhile at eleven in the evening my power goes off.
Total blackout.
In the street? The lights are on.
So I start down to the hall, and see a crack of light under the door.
Halfway down the power comes on again.
Much key-jangling and door-closing.
Oh dear. Who knows what pressures made the lovely previous tenants leave?
Is this creep part of the organisation?
Likely, since no exchanges have happened, no nuisance from me, just 'Wham!' straight in and my server is down.
On the other hand, there is an automatic power-out switch if an earth fault develops.
But then why would it come on again?
Why has it never happened before?
Why did it happen only after he went in the hall?
Maybe he was changing a fuse?
Take it easy.
And start looking for a non-shared property.


Wiggysan said...

Sounds like a fucking wanker mate.

I live with 2 my self.

Pietr said...

There's a lot of them about.