Sunday, May 04, 2008

Napster Is Shite.

Looking for 'that song'?
Don't look in Napster.
They only deal with Windows computers.
They will ask for all your personal information.
Their software will take over your computer.
You won't be able to uninstall it when you find that they don't even have what you wanted and cannot supply it.
Even if they did they would retain control.
They charge as much as a broadband account for their 'service'.
Their software is slow and rigid.
Their signing up process is slow, rigid and intrusive.

Napster- the cutting edge file-sharing service beloved of the 'end of the world' MSM- is nothing more than a power-and-money grab by a bunch of authoritarian control freaks.

I am now considering whether to reinstall windows or just hack the registry to remove their fixed software intrusion.
Obviously I've deleted what I can find.
It's what I can't find that worries me.

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