Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Day, Another Headline.

Hardly a day goes by at the moment without somebody, somewhere, reporting the latest communist outrage.
The parade of the Olympic Torch in just about every place possible, wherever the communists have a chance of creating a lie, is the outrage which sees these criminals rubbing their denials in our faces, simply to see just how far the deceit will carry.

They pretend to the title of 'responsible', 'power', 'world class influence' and 'benign sponsor', but they do it in the cheapest and easiest ways they can; they don't mind if, behind the handshakes and smiles, they aren't taken seriously.
They just want to be taken at any rate, happy to bulldoze thought out of existence even in its home countries, mobilising their terrified student stooges with blackmail and the threat of death at home so that they must support the monstrousness.
Such has been the change in the attitude of the students, that I can only assume they are making a fearful play for equally insincere loyalty, having seen what a fake the West's pursuit of freedom is after Tiannenman Square, where they were abandonned by their sponsors here.

Now the tyrants enjoy a revolting popularity, only partly based on fear, mostly due to the lack of external hope, the lack of anywhere willing to let them stay as defectors, and the desperate clinging to the mantra of 'country right or wrong' as the sad consolation for their rejection by the West.
Indeed, the students find that their masters' attitudes are echoed by the authorities here, in an attempt to partition our culture into accepting 'two-systems, one world' .
The Chinese tyrants have swallowed our efforts, and are now vomiting them back at us in an attempt to overwhelm our outrage, while all the while real-politik is arranged to make them stronger and more indispensible by the hour.

They are a new Soviet Union; but this time they really do have the means to make our system collapse.

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