Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yet More Channel Four!

Gosh! It looked so interesting.
Back in 1980 my friends and I agreed that if the Rooskies ever rolled over the border, it would be before the Tornados entered full service.
That meant 1983 to 1985, when the 'plane gap' was biggest.

In fact war was supposed to have come close in 1983 when Exercise Able Archer (by NATO) was confused with a war mobilisation (by the Warsaw Pact).

Channel Four is doing a documentary now.
It started with stock footage of the CND protests, guaranteed to make any Hoobs fan misty-eyed.
Then the re-enactment began, so we had to rely on a narrator and a few veterans of the exercise.

NATO has always called them 'exercises', and that is what they have always been.
But you guessed it, Channel Four (the comforter of the gullible) called it 'War Game', to imply infantilism and dubious competence.

Then they tried to set the scene.
Apparently 1983 was 'an all time low' in Soviet-Western relations.

Not 1949 and the Berlin airlift, when shots were fired.
Not Hungary in 1956 when the tanks rolled in.
Not Cuba in 1962, when military action was taken.
Not 1967 when Soviet troops were in action in the Six Day War.
Not 1968 when Poland was crushed again.
Not 1979 when the Rooskies invaded Afghanistan.

1983. Because it's our programme and we want to sound important, and because we say so.

Oh, fuck off.
Channel Four? Pull the other one, love, it's got bleeding bells on.

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