Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Creep's Argument

Also known as the creep's trick.
Back in the eighties, the offshoots of the fifties CND movement started applying their nursery school mentality to real-world problems.
Under the assumption that the world is 'their' world more than it belongs to people that make weapons, serve in the forces, and are generally prepared to fight for it, they damn these people yet at the same time attempt to imbue them with superior conscience, by simple fact of expecting them to taake notice of their noise and words rather than opposition.
And of course, don't forget the usual property infringements.

Far from being peaceful, these people( the CND-types) are the storm-troopers in the vanguard of the infantilisation of life; they are absolutely the products of a socialised world, playing as they do, the part of whining victim, waiting for someone(ie the state) to wipe their noses and their arses after they have thrown a dirty tantrum.

In asserting that the state is superior to the individual, they are the allies of every Communist or other dictatorship the world has ever seen.
They seek not to avoid war, but to render it unnecessary by surrender in advance.

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