Saturday, January 19, 2008

Racialist America - The Thin End Of The Wedge

In certain parts of the USA, men of a certain age and type sponsor and guide the efforts of certain other men of a younger age.
They are the wise old guys, the good old boys, the semi-intelligent operators who exist in a state of more-or-less cunning.
They don't advocate Nazism.
They just don't particularly like 'Jews'(whatever the hell that means).
They don't preach Black Slavery.
They just don't particularly like 'Blacks'(whatever the hell they are).
They like to dream romantic dreams of the South in the US Civil War; they have a whole collection of writers and broadcasters promoting these fantasies of honour and propriety, with the silent subtext that hey, maybe slavery was okay right?
No not right.
More like, they had slavery but.
They then go on to say what wonderful sausages and beer the Germans make, and what a wonderful time their late brother had in the AEF in Germany after the war.
But they don't mention the mass murder. It's so stupendous you have to laugh, or else you'd cry.
And laugh you do, with a whole industry sprouting up in the production of pro-Nazi, murder-trivialising humour.

Keep an eye out for it.
It is growing like a cancer.

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