Sunday, January 27, 2008

So What?

Obama wins a primary
So what?
Does the fact that this unfortunate individual and his mare wander about on a stage, grinning dozily and raising their hands to the crowd mean that they have acheived something worthwhile?
Hell, no.
Is he an ordinary human being driven to endure this process for the sake of some overriding moral impulse, some undeniable principle?
Hell no.
Has he come from a hard day's work, cursed by the sight of an overawing injustice, to protest his virtue in spite of a corrupt and unsympathetic world?
Hell no.
He's just a chocolate-drop coloured politician cashing in on the desperation of 'Democrats' to stoop to the level of their own racial rhetoric, to garner a few more votes on the gamble that if he wins, his presumed 'Uncle Tom' naivety will render him controllable.

Hell no.
Not again.

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