Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Shouldn't Flatter Myself..

but maybe somebody else does.
It's getting on for two years and I've had lot's of interviews, no joy.
Subtle hints, and an apparently endless attempt by various 'professional' people to 'prove', especially to me, that I don't know what I do, and can't do what I can.
C? We'll try and prove you can't do it.
C++? If you can't do our test, we'll show you the door; if you can, we'll smile and show you the door.
VB?We'll go straight to .NET and ask you about 'Attributes'
C#? We'll come out with the standard stumper about Generics, 'cos that's the boring bit.
If I was paranoid I'd think that somebody was trying to tell me something.
As I'm not, I can only assume that mediocrity is rife in Britain.

But what's this?
My agent couldn't get e-mail to me with the client details.
Sometimes my mobile works and sometimes it doesn't.
The client received no information either, and eventually got the wrong CV.

Is placing obstacles supposed to win friends and influence people?
Or am I being gratuitously persecuted just because 'somebody can'?

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