Thursday, April 26, 2007

All Singing From The Same Hymnsheet.

Or-"Why isn't this wheel square?"
I'm an atheist.
But I respect the Christian churches some of the time.
Today the BBC reported on the jailing of a Church of England choirmaster for abusing young boys, three of them, between 1985 and 1990.

It was suggested that the C of E staged a 'cover-up'.

All at once one of those 35-going-on-15 activists who confuse aggression with 'being serious' in their quest to have their useless views taken seriously, started judging the entire church of England in his own terms(which he was sure were our own and those of the ruling bigotry of today) for 'attempting to deflect justice' or some such bowdlerised ignorance.

Now I'm not a god-boy and I don't like physically adult men trying to obtain sexual gratification from children, but I have to say this.

The enduring role and strength of Christianity for 2000 years has been the investment of its energies in the domain of god, not state, not law, not prejudice, right or wrong.
The followers of Jesus do not judge.They render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God's.

To suggest that this or any other Christian church becomes an instrument of man's 'justice' is an apostacy, a fundamental abuse of freedom, religion, and particularly religion as a repository of human dignity.

These bastards won't be satisfied until every good little citizen concerns himself with the actions of every other good little citizen, until all establishments are slaves to the persecution of the human spirit.

These people are ignorant filthy scum who wish to destroy all privacy, dignity, and happiness.

Shun them.


Pietr said...

Front page of the Five Towns edition of the Yorkshire Evening Post given over to the murder today.
Apparently not everybody has forgotten the chap.

Pietr said...

To put it in (better) words, the Churches are a refuge of those who still refuse to grant sanction to the institutions of government(Earth, Man, but not really), and they have never been more important than today.

The Dude said...

Or, " go on a kiddie fiddle & we will cover it up"

Well done C.O.E. You have made the word "England" a sour subject even for a born Son like myself.

Pietr said...

Hey Dude, it stinks but it is Christian!