Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Leeds Scenes News Forgot.

Above was the scene at the Total Station in Armley last week.
The flowers were for a Latvian economic migrant beaten to death one night.

Unlike the British Citizen who was shot in Roundhay at the weekend, he didn't make the national TV channels.
But somebody remembered.
Further down, the street was littered with English Party literature suggesting that 'foreigners be sent home to put our people back to work'.

You may remember from about a year ago I reported on the brawling at a Middleton school(South rather than West Leeds).
Then, I took pictures of the massive police presence.
One year on, the gates are padlocked, the grass is growing and the lower windows are covered in steel sheeting; the school has been removed from existence, new buildings and all.

That's what passes for solving the problem.

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