Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ever Get The Feeling?

It has been said in so many ways by so many people. Listen to some of the songs of the Stranglers, or Elvis Costello for example.
But do you ever get the feeling that the bastards are looking at you?

I had a jewish girlfriend; some random guy at work starts talking in obscene detail about jewish girls, it never happened before or since.
I wrote a warning letter to a girl called 'Kate' (the rape-militia has itchy fingers, all the way from New York down to Africa - Rolling Stones ), and the following week one morning driving down a deserted street, a car cut me up, with a bumper-sticker saying 'Kate came first'.
This month a French girl was nice to me, and in the pub we moved onto half an hour later with the group, I hear a group of blokes start telling insulting jokes about the French.
Now some of it could be bad luck; some of it could be coincidence. But not all of it.

That's not possible. You see, I am a dangerous man. I once challenged orthodoxy with my fists, and orthodox thuggery is useful to those who really control modern British society, the society of Atlas Shrugged or the wood-tossing creeps of Rostand's Paris.
Here they do whatever it takes to keep us under control, usually not much, as to them there is the matter of their humanitarian illusions.
But they are ever present, and will keep on working just as long as it takes to reduce us to compliant little slugs; slugs ruled by slags, with smiles bared at us only to emphasise their withdrawal should we fail to be good little boys.
Their stormtroopers are recruited and trained young. They are more than criminal.
They are the rulers of exception.

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