Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Isn't Technology BRILLIANT!

This post comes to you courtesy of a brilliant device called a netbook.

Mine is an HP 2133 mini-note, which has been superceded by the 2140.
This means I bought a new Mini-note (RRP £360 ) for just £153 + £5 postage on e-bay. Hurry up while stocks last. They are a thing of beauty, and come complete with Gb Ethernet connection, camera, speakers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

DO replace the SuSE Linux (poor) o/s with Ubuntu 9.10. It is free. All you need to do is boot from a flash drive with the 9.10 ISO file on, then let the installer do it's thing.

The hard drive is 120GB, so I have already loaded my entire music collection onto it and I'm listening as I type - 140 miles from my home network.

And this is the really crazy thing - I can see the screen better than I can my desktop, and that means no glasses needed. I can read it better than I can my phone even.

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