Saturday, December 05, 2009

Star Wars 3

Star Wars the Return of The Jedi; had me weeping today. It's been a while, and seeing it again brought back all the hope and romance of the eighties.
This film series was the root of the cause that brought down communism, and less than ten years later, the scenes of jubilation were repeated for real everywhere except alien China. Truly there is nothing even remotely human about mainland China.

However, the version on TV tonight was 'revised'. A small change; David Prowse was removed from the final scene and replaced with the kid from the prequels.

Any airbrushing of history for any reason in a film of this sort is blasphemous, sacriledgious gerry-mandering.

I hope they are ashamed of themselves. If they aren't, then they are well on the way to the Dark Side.

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