Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tie Your Tubes And Save The Planet.

This headline was in today's LATimes.
Now, in just what way will people with the luxury of advanced healthcare, artificially making themselves sterile, save the planet?
Do they seriously think that a shrinking population of overburdened young people in a few countries in the West is in some way going to be enabled to 'save the planet'?


From what?

If the answer is that overpopulation is somehow destroying the planet, then this won't help, because the explosion in population is among uneducated, unmedicated people everywhere else.

If this population growth somehow affects 'the planet's' ability to support life, then it will restore the balance by causing deaths far more quickly and effectively than a few delusional, sterile poseurs and self-deniers in California.
And if it doesn't, what exactly do they mean by 'destroy the planet'?

There is no case to answer.
But that is not the point.
The point is, that these mugs want to believe that they are in some way appointed over the third-world masses, that they are the vanguard of U2's third world caterwauling, the 'leaders' to whom the masses look for enlightened guidance.

This is the sole delusion to which these schemes cater, the delusion of self-importance, the lack of self-esteem that demands a diluted substitute in the form of acceptance and obedience from people that they may safely regard as inferiors.

They decry 'colonialism' to a man, but elevate themselves to colonial pomp and circumstance at every opportunity.

They are the by-product of the liberal mush that passes for thought today.

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