Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Shoots.

I travelled from Weymouth to Bath today on the train. It's the stopping train, so it takes 2 hours to cover the 80 miles, but it is still quicker and cheaper than the car. There were many old staitons along the route, and several large junctions which I had no idea existed.
After the single carriageway run to Yeovil came Castle Cary and Westbury.

But what are the Green Shoots?

Well, the train company section running the line is Arriva Great Western.
Great Western is the company which built the route originally over 150 years ago. This company was destroyed by the socialists in 1947.
But today, individual station masters along this route have taken it upon themselves to recover and recondition old station furniture from storage or dereliction, and in several stations on the way to Bath, you can see 'GWR' benches, brightly polished and painted, as they were only 60 years ago; some of them have the curly GWR logo from Victorian days, others show the Art Deco 'GWR' of the thirties.
As the sisterhood in Dune said, "Never to forgive, never to forget."
The real Great Western Railways is a little nearer to restoration today, thanks to these enthusiastic people.

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