Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gordon Is A Moron?

Gordon must be a moron, or at least he thinks we all are.
Let's see. He visits Libya. There is a fat deal on the table for Britain.
Shortly afterwards, the deal is signed, and the Scottish PM let's a murdering bastard go free.
Then they all say it's nothing to do with Gordon or the deal, except the Libyans and Gordon. Gordon actually says nothing for a week.
Earlier, the HBOS is going bust; BOS headquarters is in Gordon's parliamentary constituency. Looks bad for Gordon.
But the head of Lloyds TSB is a friend of Gordon. He buys HBOS to save it. Lloyds goes bust. Gordon's government returns the favour and saves Lloyds with tax money.
Nobody says anything much about this.
Now, Lloyds is closing down Halifax branches anyway.

And after this, we are all supposed to look at that ugly skank with a face like ruptured custard on the TV, and still harbour the illusion that he isn't a corrupt, lying, scheming crooked slag?

You have got to be joking.

End to boom and bust. Good one.

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