Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vicious Fraud On The BBC.

The BBC has just started a new series of Mitchell and Webb.
This is a funny, 'adult' funny, show, and the guys making it are talented.
On the other hand, there is a show called 'Horne and Corden'.

Horne and Corden is presented with all the common trappings of a witty, well made sketch show.
But the fact is, I get bigger laughs reading the telephone directory.
Horne and Corden charge everything they do with homosexuality of the militant kind, even if they are straight. Which they may or may not be.
They are unfunny, untalented and unappealing.

And what does the BBC do?
That's right.
Mitchell and Webb sells itself.
Armstrong and Miller sells itself.
Horne and Corden is so unremittingly dreadful, the BBC sells it at every opportunity, as though they are afraid of admitting a dreadful mistake.
I would rather that the BBC produced 10 series of Glam Metal Detectives than 1 episode of Horne and Corden.

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