Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Genius isn't intelligence. Not purely. No.
Genius is moral, at the root.
This is what I am saying.
The root of all genius is moral.
What made me say this? I'll tell you.
As I parked my car and got out, to walk back to my flat, I saw a fifty-sixty-something chap come puffing and blowing down the street towards me.
I'd never seen him before, but here he was with an air of staring but not looking, mouth open in utterance but not speaking, in fact bearing somewhat in my direction with an air of vaguely injured aggression.
When I looked at this person, I saw a life lived in thrall to others, a life of interest in his fellow man; perhaps a few shameful, guilt-ridden moments at work amounted to the allegation of productiveness that had possibly informed his no doubt long and boring career.
The chap was wearing shorts and a shirt, freshly laundered and ironed. he was probably prosperous, probably a home owner, probably very sheepish in his social endeavours.

But every action he was making at that moment was pursuivant to an obsession with other people. In no sense were his thoughts his own.
And this is why genius doesn't succeed in England.
Because people like him do.

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