Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shhh. Don't Tell Anyone.

I thought all this 'green shoots' mullarky was the biggest load of bollocks I'd ever heard.
But then this happened:
I got three different jobs sent to me by three different agents in three different locations.
On a Saturday.
Either the horrible quiet of the last month has finally broken due to an upturn - something I'll believe when I see - or things are so bad that the guys are working Saturdays to try and make ends meet.
I find the latter hard to believe though, as if there are no jobs out there, working a Saturday won't make them magically appear.
There is just one more possibility, however.
It may be that I have finally cracked my presentation by appealing in the right way and for the right reasons to the right people.
Let's see what the new week brings.

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