Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tank Of The Day.

This is some sort of Churchill Tank from ww2.
I say 'some kind' (probably an experimental prototype) because if you look closely, it has a hull-mounted main gun.
The Churchill (built in Leeds) only had the turret gun and machine guns.
In 1943-44 it had the thickest armour of any Western ally tank, until the Americans brought in the Patton, in late 1944.
(Apart from the monstrous 80 ton TOG 11 that Britain produced in prototype form in 1941).

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Pietr said...

Wikipedia to the rescue.
The hull gun was standard on early marks.
It was a 75 mm howitzer.
The later Churchills went to a 6 pounder in the turret(by itself) then a 75.