Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Interesting Take.

Also from the New York Times.

Look closely at these two faces.
We are led to believe that they have something to celebrate by the fact that they are smiling.
But the one on the right is smiling like an idiot. He has sold his face to the purpose of pretending, the purpose of projecting an absolutely unbridled congratulation that seeks to persuade viewers to respond in kind by the sheer violence of expression it forms.

The face on the left is more honest, but less appealing.
The face on the left is discomforting, because it looks to be a hair's breadth away from a sneer, a sneer of superiority at having put something over on people.
It is the face of contempt, impossible to hide completely, and as such it betrays danger to the cause of Freedom, danger because the owner of the expression is betraying true feeling and thoughts concerning those he is attempting to convince.
That face shows no unbridled congratulation, only unbridled arrogance and derision; he is the sort of person who in an instant would fluidly attack any weakness by whatever scratching would penetrate our indifference.
I have seen that sort of face many times.
That the owner of this particular face is a (successful) presidential candidate is sobering.
Not exactly encouraging is it?

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jomama said...

I anxiously await the look on the
face on the left when he becomes

It will have the deer-in-the-headlights look then.

You heard it here first.