Sunday, February 17, 2008

Perspective Check.

In 1999 the USA went to war in Kosovo to protect Muslims from Serbian Nationalist bigot persecution.
Then came 911.
What has to be remembered here is that the terrorists deliberately chose the USA, as the IRA chose the British Army fraternising at Catholic pubs, in order to drive a wedge in between friendly peoples.
By creating emnity where none actually exists, they hope to antagonise both sides in such a way as to produce generations of conflict, with false polarisation.

Listening to some of the racialist screed that pollutes the ether, they have had some success.

Face it!
When a Muslim talks of establishing a Caliphate, he is doing nothing more than preaching.
We won't be building a 'New Jerusalem in England's Green and Pleasant Land' anytime soon, either.
So pack it in.
The terrorists are just a pack of savage little maggots trying to create a conflict in their own demented image; any excuse will do.

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