Sunday, December 02, 2007

Star Wars- The Bunkum Menace.

In due course and due time, ITV1 had to start showing the 'Prequels' in their Sunday afternoon slot.
I decided to give them a look.
So along comes the 20th Century Fox fanfare.
Then a rather blank and tapped on quote from the original(Galaxy far far away etc.).
Then the wonderful music and the scrolling storyline.
It read like a Guardian editorial about Rwanda would, if the murderers had been Soviet.

It was pathetic, 'liberal-left' wet-dream propaganda.
The implication was that we need the State, to protect us from the armies of evil Capitalists, and the state must 'be strong'.
To this end, two Jedi knights are despatched to Mongo, where the 'trading bloc' is enforcing a blockade.

I mean, they didn't say much about the original plot, but you got it.
This time, they went into exhaustive detail and described a piss-poor story that lost my interest immediately.

We all knew and understood 'evil empire'.
We don't need some professor's conformal thesis.
You can shove it. Hope they don't mind wasting all that CGI.

Think about the effects, next time you see a mindless nine-year-old swishing and swooshing with a plastic light-sabre. What is he going to become if he cannot see through this tripe, and his parents trust it because they grew up on Star Wars?

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