Friday, December 07, 2007

Lest We Forget.

Here's the rub.
Either we say that Burma is our concern, that Freedom is right, not just for us but for everybody, or we say that Burma is a faraway land with internal policies that do not affect us and are not our concern.

If the former, we will be accused of Western Culturo-centric bigotry and Imperialism.
If the latter, we will be accused or reneging on our international obligations and duties, and that we are callous and illiberal.
Damned if we do and damned if we don't, in other words.

But isn't it time we all saw through the irrational anti-decision which forbids us from saying 'either-or' and condemns us to the torrents of purefied, putrified 'guilt' that are directed from below?

The facts are always the opposite of what the conformal mainstream try to trick us with; the facts are as follows.
Burma is in the grip of a criminal conspiracy.
We have the right to end it by any means we see fit.
We have the right to pursue a policy of civil re-alignment in Burma until the conspiracy is eradicated.
In no sense are we obliged to do anything.
In no sense is it our duty to do anything, particularly as states, but if private individuals organise themselves to destroy the criminals, so much the better.

And if such individuals are pursued back to the West in the event of failure or revenge, then our states do have a duty to protect them.

And that is the truth, whatever the reality.

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