Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Are These People?

I've just spent eight hours trying to make something called 'Qt' work on Windows and on Linux.
It is supposed to be open source, so they can give a version away free.
However, there are dozens of versions and subversions, and nobody on the net has any clear ideas about making them work.

Most of the alleged help is fatuous, and the general idea is that you buy support for this useless non-product from the manufacturer, or else rebuild your entire system from the ground up, in order to get the simplest 'Hello World' project to work.

It is supposed to be a GUI API, but the libraries don't link in any version, and the include files are riven with spaghetti-like dependencies that cannot be resolved.

I've used Gtk and Fox, they worked fine. But Qt is a god-awful abortion, and I will cheer when it is no longer made.

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Sky Captain said...

Fortunately I discovered a g++ compiler-based programme call QtDesigner by someone who did mange to make it work.