Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bigger They Come....

There was a time when it was stated that the bigger the lie, the better its chances of succeeding. The lie was so big that it beggared belief that anybody could be deliberately trying to deceive on such a large scale.
The technique that liars used in the early part of the twentieth century was to tap into popular delusions and so exploit the things that people wanted to believe, especially about themselves.

Thus, any crank who could lay claim to salving the consciences of a large number of people was able to reach a threshold of popularity that would bring him to the attention of those people that still made up what is commonly known as 'society'; furthermore, such people would view the emergence of these characters with awe, coming as they did from nothing on a wave of popular sentiment that all were being told was 'historical' and therefore in keeping with the times and progress.

Thus, Hitler and Mussolini came to power by degree, until that power was absolute.

Then the lies were repeated for an international audience, the better to lull it into acquiescence and leave the way clear for the weirder indulgences these creatures had in mind.

And, as it happened, despite all the social engineering and moulding that had been going on, there were just enough people of age, such as Winston, who were just good enough at communicating with the citizenry of drones that had been created since the turn of the century, but still had cultural residual intelligence enough to see some truths (when pointed out), so that the monsters were stopped.


The cultural peversion and communistic demoralisation continued, however, and society is now comprised of mean, vicious little apparachniks who willl fight to the deaths of their last useful idiots to preserve their Cotswold cottages and comfy retirement plans.

The rest of us can go to hell, and indeed anything they can do to send us there quicker is a welcome obsession for the creatures of rule, needing distraction from realisation as they do;
but now, they are dealing with a populace, the bovine stupidity of which is almost embarrassing and certainly endearing to them.

So do lies need to be big?
Not anymore.
Today, any lie is credible the moment it is uttered.
If a refutation is immediate, the lie will be repeated later on, or obliquely, in order to make it stick.
The lies are then left in the open.
Nobody much will question them, because today's people need to be told what to think. In the world of propaganda the populace has long lost any ability to work things out. They just see or hear some rubbish on the television or radio, and that is what they believe.

The lies won't be challenged. The novelty is when a truth is uttered by way of variety; this causes no more perturbation than the lies, and may even be a truth that people happen to believe.

And the masters wonder at the disillusion and lack of debate, complain about 'apathy' and go on trying to be the voice in the ear-trumpet of a population educated to senility from the age of five.

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