Thursday, November 05, 2009

Band Aids.

Socialism has missed the point entirely.
What socialists have tried to do is create a political, legislated structure which forces certain rationed outcomes for people feckless or unlucky enough to need them.

In replacing personal motivation and responsibility with a state steamroller, they have stopped the normal decision-making processes of persuasion and argument and led to instant rejection of any situation in which genuine assistance may be needed.

This was deliberate.
The cry of the Labour socialists in the 60s and 70s was "rights not charity".
This is of course absurd, as the right to a physical product can only be achieved by production; if you don't produce, then such a right has to be granted by a producer (in which case it is only a priviledge) or inflicted on the producer by violence (socialism).

But this is not the point that they have missed. This point is that people will go on being stupid, ignorant, malicious fools and treading the best among us into the mud, so long as they are left alone to do so. And socialism has been very careful not to interfere with that.

If socialism wanted to help humanity, then it would have used the massive publishing and communications empires that it can marshall as a way of pushing the truths that would leave the molluscs no stone to hide under.
If socialists want to help, they should be attacking the evil which banishes the producers to the margins of society, and totally buries them when the fat bastards of the status quo think they have enough physical stuff and food to be getting on with.

It's an interesting fact, that in North America, you still see many jolly fat people, while here, they are mostly ugly also, defiantly so, with poor clothing sense and styles of their own which seem calculated to emphasise their lack of personality; they are like the methane-producing drones that socialists would have us believe cows are.

To liberate life and legalise freedom should be the only possible course open to any 'progressive'. But they aren't socialists. They aren't progressives.

They think that they are democratic.

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