Friday, September 11, 2009


“The Government wholeheartedly condemns torture. We will not condone it. Neither will we ever ask others to do it on our behalf. This is not mere rhetoric but a principled stance consistent with our unequivocal commitment to human rights. We are fortunate to have the best security and intelligence services and armed forces in the world. We are all safer because of the work they do with integrity and bravery.” -David Millipede, trying to make us 'proud' again.
Of course, torture is the leit motif and modus operandi of Britain and Britons, ever seeking to extend their psychoses to other, quasi-normal people at the drop of a hat, for the purpose of.... well, because they do.
The usual trick is to inspire minor violence, after which these pathetic creatures feel vindicated and 'tough' and 'manly', and of course, if the violence is slightly more than they can cope with, they have recourse to the 'law', that absurd humbug which defines crimes seperately from responsibility.

What a hollow pile of rubbish Millipede's words are.

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