Friday, September 04, 2009

The End Of The Mind.

Watching Bloomberg tonight I was grimly unsurprised that the best and most cereberal news channel on TV was filled with idiots quoting misleading irrelevances.
The game was 'how can we hide the world today?', and they played it by reporting statistics such as unemployment and retail spending as the entrails from the sacrificed businesses that would somehow give the pundits an insight into the anatomy of the depression.
They were looking for delusions that would sell hope to the lemmings.

Retail spending may be increased. Or not. But the simple fact is that is has depended on trillions of dollars-worth of credit, three trillion just since Clinton, and now the USA is now the asylum of millions of inmates who don't make anything, not even money, and who cannot afford their desires and so spend 'invented' money on goods from China; the Chinese build them on the promise of owning their enemies houses, while these people get poorer and poorer while buying more and more.
We are told that this despicably immoral depravity is acceptable because it represents the greatest good for the greatest number.
Nobody says so, but that is the tacit excuse.

And Obama slides his silken gloves around the mob's throat and leads it to a cage where promises are inscribed above the gates, like the gates of Auschwitz 60 years ago.
Using the same promise of the greater good for the greater number, the current direction being the imposition of state healthcare.

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