Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Google Sucks.

Google installs viral software on windows systems.
When it is unistalled, it causes system crashes.
This is childish, unprofessional vandalism.
Since removing the google toolbar from my IE, it is faster and more responsive. And doesn't have lousy, unwanted fascist input on each and every page by virtue of corruption of the design.


Sky Captain said...

When it crashed it caused my client to lose some permanently downloaded mail, too.

Mark said...

The Google 10^100 Project turns out to be a sham

I don't know how familiar you are with the Google 10 ^100 project, but in a nutshell, Google had a contest last year to pick the 10 best ideas to make the world a better place. They received 150,000 entries. They said they would pick 100 ideas to put to a vote last year and fund the best ideas up to $1,000,00 each. They missed the selection dates again and again until finally last week they put up 16 general ideas for a vote. These weren't even submitted ideas but rather general categories like:

Better education in Africa
Socially conscious tax policies etc.

What a sham. There was no transparency back to the original ideas, no recognition of submitters and they completely ignored the original terms that they published. In the end, Google got a huge amount of publicity and they just ignored what 150,000 people did. On top of all that, Google has laid some kind of joint intellectual property claim to all submissions.

A Major News organization needs to report on this fraud.