Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, Darling!

Darling really has come up with the most pathetic subterfuge today.

Apparently, spending is now called 'investing', so that we can confidently expect him to 'invest' £6 billion more in the health service; he doesn't mention anything about ROI(Return On Investment) or even whether we can expect improving mortality rates from this( a presumed Government ROI), so I guess he's just talking through his arse as usual to give his hinterland of useful idiot followers something to parrot in the imaginary discussions that he supposes these fools to influence.

Of course, nobody is giving either airtime or credence to the regiments of fools any longer, so he is beginning to resemble a man whose insanity is driving him to build a brick wall around him with no doors or windows, from the demolished wreckage of the society he inherited, and is now spinning round in smaller and smaller circles of denial like a latter-day Hitler in a bunker of social insulation rather than concrete.

Talking of concrete, I have to wonder what, if any, the effects of this miserable budget will be.

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