Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shame Of The World.

How can we abandon them?
When you see the injuries that these victims of ZANU have sustained, then see the old injuries, you realise that these men and women are persisting in the face of true horror, because they are people of conscience, heroes in fact.

It is the shame of the world that these people are being abandoned.
It is Tiannenman again.


Pietr said...

Shame of me - I forgot to make my e-mail public.
They thought they could get in touch with me.
They can now!

The Dude said...

Shame of the world indeed Victor.

I hear on the Merc Vito Wireless that some fucking idiot in a digger thought he would go for a drive on a sunday day.

7 in the head, that JCB is going nowhere.

Pietr said...

A bit harsh, even for an idiot. Of course, they give you seven in the head in London for being Brazilian. In a public place.