Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pure Evil.

Strictly Come Dancing.
Big Brother.
The Apprentice.

All these things are glorying in PURE EVIL, gratuitous and thrown in our faces out of spite and daring, the daring being seeing how long they can get away with the abuse of millions and the enslavement of the few Dolphins in the net that they don't want to throw back.

It is PURE EVIL because it is the deliberate and systemic replacement of dignity, freedom, self-reliance and justice by an entirely artificial social construct of approval, conformity and the judgement of and by peers who regard themselves as superiors.

People LITERALLY jump through hoops and stand on their heads attempting to please superannuated scum which appoints itself to positions of power on the promise that they will drag back in the reluctant television viewer.
Apparently if they smile enough the moral holocaust won't be detected; I'll bet Goebbels smiled that way.

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The Dude said...

Yes indeed my friend, the Devils work.