Friday, March 07, 2008

Thought For the Week.

Today we exist in a state of confusion.
The confusion is designed, designed to mask the reality that will assert itself in every way, including economic and political.
In 1982 the world marvelled at the 'Comeback King', the Empire putting up a fight and reversing the reversal in the Falklands.
After that time, Western, Freedom-loving people dared to think that some things were worth defending, worth fighting for.
Again in 1990, in the Gulf, the same people decided that in the new climate of victory, intervention to prevent oppression and monopoly of our strategic interests was acceptable, desirable even.

In 1990, nobody even pretended it wasn't about oil, so no wicker man could be burnt to kill Freedom.

Then in the 90s, a different kind of politician took over.
'Hey guys, now it's our turn'.
And so it was.
They deliberately garbled the policy of the recent past, turning the defence of freedom, then the defence of interests, into the pursuit of 'stability'.

Maggie's defence of Liberty and Self-Determination became the promotion of minority causes everywhere, backed up by criminal repression exercised by NATO.
Where once we had limited, rational aims, now we had blank-cheque war in order to further furry animal-loving aims throughout the infantilised parts of the West, the nurseries growing the Communists of tomorrow for a bridge to yesterday.

Their soul-brethren in Al-Quaida provided further impetus to the neverending war story, by their terrorist attack on New York; even within days, Bush W was promising a generation of war.
Thus granting the terrorists precisely that status they had been seeking.
Defeat piled on defeat, in other words.
The armies were beaten by the fact that they marched.

Today the British military are abused by the public when they appear in uniform.
Brown-job says they should be respected.
We will respect them again, perhaps, when they are no longer murder-tarts doing the bidding of a political class that should be sectioned and forcibly treated.

We won't regard them as a disgrace when you have stopped disgracing them.

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