Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just In Case

The new Heathrow Terminal 5; as soon as I heard that it contains 14 miles of conveyors, I thought "fucked".
That's several thousand conveyors, all custom made and untested by long runs at capacity.
A disaster waiting to happen.
Suppose there are 1000 conveyors with 99% reliability. That's 10 conveyors broken down at any one time.
Of course the engineers probably didn't use redundancy or critical path analysis.

Essentially that's £4.3 billion for a corrugated iron shed. As much as the Channel Tunnel.
Of course, BAA is a London monopoly. So they don't have to be efficient.
Equally, the gifting of an entire terminal to British Airways is a timely reminder that it is the 'flag carrier'.
This is supposed to give (unfair) competitive advantage to BA, and restore their monopoly status, presumably prior to a future re-nationalisation.
Socialism by stealth, the hallmark of this bunch of lying cheats known collectively as the government.

I mean, how do you spend £4.3 billion on a shed?
They were probably told to bankrupt themselves the way the government bankrupted Railtrack, so that they could be nationalised as well.

What a disgusting, stinking crime.

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Pietr said...

Maybe they weren't told.
Maybe it's just institutional incompetence after 11 disastrous years of Labour.