Thursday, March 18, 2010

What A Difference A Gesture Makes.

Like a Marine with his rifle, like a Seer looking for an omen; when I was in Hell, I'd look around my ravaged surroundings and see my router, showing four, blue lights of health.

They would tell me that the world was still there, and still might care, that it was still within reach.

Those four blue lights led to a feeling, a kind of desperate hope; hope that somebody, somewhere, might still be able to care, even to trade for me, so that I could be delivered from the jaws of evil.

Sitting down in my new home tonight, with Stolen Prayer by Alice Cooper playing in my ears, and my third Small Beer, cold and refreshing, the four blue lights caught my eye.

Just for a moment the memory came back, the desperation.

It's less than a month.
But soon even the flashbacks will disappear.

The Human spirit is indomitable.

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