Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Ever get the feeling something is going on? I go to the Chinese takeaway; I walk past, take a look up a sidestreet, then come back and go in. I order, sit down with a newspaper.
Sure enough, there's one of those young bastards who have been very much in evidence.

I haven't seen this particular one, but the blond, spiky hair and the look of aggrieved pomposity is tell-tale. maybe a coincidence, but this little slag is waiting across the street with a can of coca cola trying to look casual.
I can smell these creeps, and tonight the stink is strong.

I tell you, one of these days I might just tackle one and see how it goes. This has been happening for a year now, first they see me, then suddenly they are 'living' in the flat downstairs, and now they are curious about where I go.
They are just kids, but they are going to be bloody injured kids if they don't go away.

Anyway, I kept an eye out on the way home, and I wasn't followed. But then they know where I go don't they.
There are three possibilities:
1) I'm mistaken.
2) They are local punks trying to be 'big men'.
3) Somebody is sponsoring this low level harrassment because of my views.

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