Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What goes on?

I've been in a bloody mood for a week or so. Then this morning I went to the pub. I had a pint of Ruddles, plotted sending a postcard to an old girlfriend, and felt great. The second beer slipped down as well as the first, and the post office was easy.
So then I went home, hoping for an easy time of it.
I got a call from an agent - possible contract with a satellite manufacturer - then went for a lazy doze.
Pretty soon it's 'thump-thump' from the mental-case neighbour(who seems to have a death wish), so I just turn up my own to drown it out.
This goes on and off for a few hours, then my mum Skypes me. And suddenly, the problems don't seem too big.
The noise no longer bothers me.
I just feel good. I can make noise too.
Strange, but cool.


Anonymous said...

The moron sniffed it and made an extra-special effort last night. But I'm still trying not to react directly, just do my thing- and if that hits back, fine.

Wiggysan said...

Keep up the good work on the Ruddle's Victor.

Hope your neighbour is enjoying your music.

Skype. Free calls. RESULT !