Saturday, November 15, 2008

OpenCV modifications

And now a break for business.
Dont bother with this post unless you are a nerd, or a developer.
OpenCV is a vision library that supplies source code.
It works fine out of the box.
The libraries are available in two flavours; VS6 and VS8.
Both build readily.
However beware!
The VS8 version will upgrade to and build in VS9, but if you make any changes to the open source code, it will require 'omp.h', a header file only available to VS2008 Professional, which is many hundreds if not thousands of pounds.
Fear not.
If you have VC++ 6, you can build your changes in old-fashioned style, and it will integrate with VS9-produced applications(unmanaged), so that you can use VS6 to get round the (massive) financial hit and modify the open source OpenCV code.


Mr.Furious said...

Notes-OpenCV has a startup menu entry, with a specific project for 2008 express/standard, so no problem there.
However, 2008 C++ will cause VC6 to fail, so it's one or the other on the machine.
Me? I've gone for the full 2008.

Mr.Furious said...

Late news- VC9 versions of my programme lock up after five minutes; VC6 versions run indefinitely.
Which I need them to do.

Sylvia said...

You only have to remove the option for using OpenMP, then you can also compile OpenCV with the VC 9.0 Express Edition.