Friday, April 04, 2008

NATO - The Paper Criminal.

When Winston Churchill started NATO, it was exactly as a challenge to the Russian leviathan which threatened every man woman and child in free Europe.

So it is an obscenity beyond comparison that last week NATO voted to kow-tow to Russia, taking the utterly cowardly and defeatist course of rejecting the Ukraine's application to join, while admitting two strategically and militarily useless 'allies' in the Balkans.

This cowardice could be expected of craven vassals in parts of the Russian Empire, but from an organisation dedicated to the defeat of Russian Expansionism, it is a criminal betrayal of the sole purpose for the existence of the organisation.

They are like a second-rate club which intends to meddle in minor affairs of state just so long as the big bullies aren't antagonised, being, as they are regarded, those psychopathic rogue states which must (God help us ) be appeased as in 1933.

Stupid bastards.

The fact that Germany voted against, is utterly incredible.
France's repeat of this error is downright ignorant, ignorant of history and the fact that the last time they did this, they spent four years occupied and enslaved by Nazis.

I am going to head West just as soon as I possibly can.

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